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Geospatial Analysis

Place matters to personal and population health. HealthLandscape helps you understand YOUR data and local, regional, and national measures of health, economics, and demographics.

Web GIS Application Design

You have a wealth of data and need to unlock its potential. HealthLandscape’s expertise in developing award-winning web-based applications can help.

Statistical Analysis

Number crunching. Big Data. Multivariate analysis. Modeling and interpretation. HealthLandscape has decades of experience with statistical analysis.

Community Research

HealthLandscape is skilled at local community research including Community Health Needs Assessments, community profiles, program evaluations, and more.

Curriculum Development

HealthLandscape has extensive experience developing materials to train a wide variety of users on a plethora of uses of mapping tools and geospatial concepts.

Training and Communications

One-on-one training to conference keynote speaker. Local to international conferences. In-person or web-based training. Speaking to peer-reviewed publications. HealthLandscape knows how to speak to your audience about data and data visualization.

Graphic Design/ Infographics

One picture is worth a thousand words. A map is worth a thousand pictures. We can help you whittle your data and information into meaningful graphics, pictures and maps.

System Integration

Extracting data for research outside your system doesn’t always make sense. HealthLandscape is leading the charge to integrate social determinants of health data into your patient data systems.

Comprehensive Dashboard Design

You need information that is current, accurate, and actionable. HealthLandscape can help design and implement focused, intuitive dashboards for all levels of your organization.

Because Experience and Dedication Matters

Our team of experts excel in design, implementation, training,
research and data analysis, and much more.

Jené Grandmont, MA

Associate Director for Application Development & Data Services

Michael Topmiller, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

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