What Counts? Data Forum Focuses on Innovations in Population Health

How do we move from data to action? I’m excited to be joined by a series of speakers this Thursday (October 29th) at Data! Fostering Health Innovation in Kentucky and Ohio in Erlanger, KY, where we will be exploring this question and presenting recent innovations in improving population health.

As part of a panel focusing on the validity and use of data to address social determinants, I’ll be presenting HealthLandscape’s most recent work on Community Vital Signs, an approach for incorporating community indicators into electronic health records.  Also joining me on the panel are Katie Bachmeyer from Starfire, and Dr. Robert Kahn from Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital.
Keynote speakers for the conference include Niall Brennan, the Chief Data Officer of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and Naomi Cytron, Senior Research Associate in the Community Development Department for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
Michael Topmiller
Health GIS Research Specialist 


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