UDS Mapper Update: New Data and Features!

The UDS Mapper is the premier tool built on the HealthLandscape platform.  Designed to visualize areas of potential need for new federally funded health centers, the UDS Mapper continues to be updated and grow each year.  This year is no exception.  On August 20th, we rolled out the newest version of the UDS Mapper with updated and new data, and improved functionality.

The UDS Mapper is now using data from 2014 showing where patients come from to receive services at health centers.  These health centers are funded by or affiliated with the Health Center Program of the Bureau of Primary Health Care, Health Resources and Services Administration.  Each organization completes a detailed report on the patients they see each year in the Uniform Data System (UDS).  Health Centers report on a calendar year basis and those data are cleaned and aggregated before being uploaded into the UDS Mapper.
In addition to having the newest health center data available, this year we are excited to be able to include information about patients based on their insurance status.  These data have only been reported by health centers for the past two years in the UDS Report.  Now UDS Mapper users can visualize where there are pockets of people by insurance status in communities, how well health centers are reaching them, where there are pockets of unmet need, and what changes have occurred over the past year. With these maps we can start to see if health centers are losing uninsured patients, gaining patients with insurance coverage, or gaining patients who remain uninsured having found no insurance coverage under Medicaid or in the Marketplaces.

Additional data that are available for health centers include whether they have received certification as a Patient-Centered Medical Home, whether they have implemented an Electronic Health Record at all sites and all providers are using it, and health center costs.

Jennifer L. Rankin, PhD
Senior Manager, Research and Product Services

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