ACO Explorer

Explores accountable care organization quality data from the Medicare Shared Savings Program.

ProjectACO Explorer

In order to compare how ACO performance varies geographically, HealthLandscape developed the ACO Quality Explorer, which is a spatial visualization tool for
data from ACOs taking part in the MSSP.  The ACO Explorer allows users to visualize quality measures organized into five domains: patient/caregiver experience, care coordination/patient safety, preventive
health, at-risk population diabetes, and at-risk population heart-relatedmeasures. Each ACO is given a site score based on the percentage of quality measure benchmarks set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid that the ACO has met. ACOs are displayed as points on the map colored green (4 or more domains with all measures at or above thresholds), yellow (2 or 3 domains with all measures at or above thresholds), or red (less than 2 domains with all measures at or above thresholds), allowing users to quickly compare different ACOs across a geographic area.  When users click on a specific site, they can view exploding rollover windows which contain data about the quality measures included in each of the five domains.

ACO Site Explorer includes a Site Explorer tool, Community HealthView, and Map My Data.