Population Health Mapper Wins at ESRI User Conference!

HealthLandscape is recognized as one of the top three GIS applications at the ESRI 2015 User Application Fair.

HealthLandscape is privileged to regularly attend and WIN at the User Application Fair for the fifth year in a row. Our very own Jene Grandmont presented the Health Landscape Population Health Mapper.  The Population Health Mapper enables users to select metrics from the seven categories and use a slider bar to set thresholds. By default, thresholds are set at values that represent national benchmarks.  The tool will highlight those counties that are outside of the national benchmark, or will incrementally shade or remove counties depending on how the user modifies the thresholds for selected indicators.  A huge thank you to everyone who participated and allowed us to continue on our winning streak! 

See our account from the ESRI User Conference 2015 here: http://healthlandscape.blogspot.com/2015/08/report-from-esri-user-conference-2015.html 

Claire Meehan
User Engagement Specialist

Learn more about the Population Health Mapper Tuesday September 9th at 11:00AM!

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