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The origins of National Doctors Day, the day we honor and celebrate our physicians, might surprise you! National Doctors Day, celebrated on March 30 each year, marks the date “country doctor” Crawford Long, a physician and pharmacist from rural Georgia, first successfully anesthetized a patient with ether in 1842. However, the wife of another country...
Explore the relationships between medical graduate placements and areas with unmet physician demand.
Explore the reach (footprint) of medical schools and graduate programs across the United States, from both a medical school and state perspective.
Help patients find the resources they need.
Visualize cold spots where community indicators stack up to highlight need.
The School-Based Health Alliance Child Health and Education Mapping tool can be used to target high-need areas and explore the current or potential capacity of school-based health centers to serve these areas.
Explores accountable care organization quality data from the Medicare Shared Savings Program.
The Cincinnati Data Portal includes a variety of community health indicators with a focus on the opioid epidemic, immigrant populations, and social determinants of health.
Compare mental health community need to available mental health resources in your community.
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