Introducing HealthLandscape Version 3

The HealthLandscape team is pleased to announce the Beta launch of HealthLandscape Version 3.

We’re opening the new site in its testing stage for public access while we fine tune the layout and controls and finish the development of the modules you’re all familiar with, such as Community HealthView and My HealthLandscape. We’ll also be soliciting feedback from our Beta users to get an understanding of what they like and don’t like about the new site design, and ways that we can improve the usability and flow of the application.

To start using HealthLandscape V3, go to You will need to create a new account to view and use the mapping application. You can use the same email address and password that you used to sign up for the original HealthLandscape, but at this time the accounts will not be transferred over automatically.

HealthLandscape Version 3 is vastly different from the current HealthLandscape in a number of ways. We’ve designed the new HealthLandscape to be easier to use, with fewer mouseclicks required to get to the data that you need. Instead of wizards and lists of data categories and variables, there are more logical ways to organize and sort the data. This new design allows you to turn tools on and off depending on your data needs, and also allows you to display layers from multiple tools on the map at the same time.

Another way that we’re improving the ease of use is through the introduction of Quick Maps and Quick Geocodes, tools that will be introduced to you over the next few weeks as part of a series of blog entries about the details of HealthLandscape V3.

We’re very excited to share the new site and hope you enjoy exploring the updates.

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