Introducing HealthLandscape Geospatial Research Briefs

In an era of increasing access to big data and healthcare transformation, there is a need for research and tools that help illuminate these data and provide insights into the significant changes that are occurring in the healthcare realm.  Further, it is now clear that place matters to health, and that there is significant geographic variation in health outcomes, healthcare utilization and costs, and social determinants of health.

HealthLandscape’s Geospatial Research Briefs cover a variety of topics that are intended to demonstrate the power of geospatial analysis and tools for better understanding important issues related to healthcare.   The research briefs will emphasize the use of publicly accessible datasets as well as data visualization and mapping tools, while focusing on the key areas of health disparities, population health, primary care, and value-based payment models. 
The first brief, written by Dr. Michael Topmiller, explores the relationship between Diabetes preventive care, spending, and hospitalizations for the Medicare population.  This is the first of three briefs that utilize geospatial methods to explore geographic patterns of appropriate Diabetes preventive care for the Medicare population, the next of which will be released in May.

Visit our new Geospatial Research Briefs page for more information.

Mark Carrozza

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