Internal Projects

HealthLandscape was originally developed out of the need for better decision making in healthcare and community health practices – a recognition of the importance of “Data Driven Decision Making,” or making decisions – financial, practical, logistical – based on actual data and evidence, rather than “best guesses.” The premise behind HealthLandscape is that “if a picture is worth a thousand words… a map is worth a thousand pictures.” We can use data and maps to help tell your story.

Our internal outreach efforts target both AAFP Constituent Chapters and AAFP divisions. Our collaborative efforts range from interactive, web-based mapping tools to static maps and grant proposal assistance. Download our HealthLandscape MapBook for a sampling of past projects.

Web-Based Mapping Tools

Our mapping tools serve as “do-it-yourself” hotspotting and data exploration tools, but we also have a library of regularly updated static maps that can be shared with others to highlight the work of the Academy.


HealthLandscape is often called upon to support the Advocacy efforts of the Academy. We work closely with Government Relations and State Chapters to help them tell their stories through data and maps, whether the goal is to show maternal care deserts in need of additional funding, workforce distribution of family physicians and their importance to their communities, or highlighting communities in need of extra assistance based on social determinants and health outcomes.

Scope of Practice (View here)

Maternal Health

Medicaid Expansion and Uninsurance Rates


Our Health Workforce Mapper allows users to visualize the geographic distribution of physicians and non-physician clinicians at a state or county level. HealthLandscape also offers more in-depth analysis of the healthcare workforce, including Scope of Work issues, distribution and access analysis, and primary care and specialty physician deserts.

Data and Analytic Support

The HealthLandscape staff has much to offer to the Academy in the areas of data management and analysis. 
We have a long history of working with individuals and organizations to inventory, document, and understand the data that they produce and consume.
HealthLandscape can be an analytic asset to staff and departments who need assistance with data collection, management, analysis, and interpretation. We have extensive experience in research design and methodology, as well as advanced statistical analysis capabilities including regression analysis and structural equation modeling.