Infographic or Data Visualization?

What’s the difference between an infographic and a data visualization? Robert Kosara, Associate Professor of Computer Science at UNC Charlotte, explains it well on his blog. He says, “The visualization is created by a tool that can be applied to many datasets, the infographic is hand-crafted for a particular dataset.”

HealthLandscape creates data visualizations

With HealthLandscape, you can:

  • Use the tools again and again for multiple data sets.
  • Update your custom map at any time with more current data.
  • Interact with your data to better understand it.
    • View your data at multiple levels: state, county, census tract, or census block group.
    • Add our data layers to your data.

And you can do all of this without being a designer or a GIS professional!

We’d like to help you visualize your data. Contact us at

Sidenote: Be sure to read the comments on Robert’s post. His ZIPScribble maps are pretty cool too.

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