HealthLandscape’s Michael Topmiller named an Interdisciplinary Research Leader

As part of one of only 15 three-person teams selected, I’m excited to be named an Interdisciplinary Research Leaders Fellow, a new program led by the University of Minnesota with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. I’ll be joined by researchers and community leaders from across the country to collaborate and innovate to solve persistent challenges and advance a Culture of Health—one that places well-being at the center of every aspect of life.
Along with my colleagues, Jamie-Lee Morris (New Prospect Baptist Church) and Farrah Jacquez (Psychology Department, University of Cincinnati), our project will focus on identifying community assets and improving early childhood health in two neighborhoods in Cincinnati.  Our approach is place-based, and will utilize a variety of methods (including GIS) within a community-based participatory research (CBPR) orientation. While the details of the project are yet to be determined, my role in the project will involve utilizing innovative geospatial “bright spot” methods and participatory mapping to identify community assets. Integrating geospatial and mapping approaches with my team’s expertise in engaging community members and developing community research teams will help ensure that our approach is place-based, community-driven, and culminates in real improvements in early childhood health in our communities.
As our project moves forward I’ll share more details on our progress. The map below shows the location of the 15 amazing teams taking part in the Interdisciplinary Research Leaders program.
Participant Map
Michael Topmiller

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