HealthLandscape Webinar Series

Interested in learning more about the new features in HealthLandscape? Sign up for a free webinar session to hear about the tools and datasets available to our users.

Visit our webinar page for a list of dates, and times from now through December. There are currently three webinars being offered, as described below. We will be developing webinars on other special topics, including crime and economic datasets, in the coming months.

Introduction to HealthLandscape Geospatial Analysis
Health and community are tightly connected. HealthLandscape gives users the ability to create custom maps and tables of health in their communities – depicting populations at risk, health outcomes, and the distribution of health interventions. During this webinar you will learn to use the HealthLandscape interface, what data are available, and how to add your own data to create custom maps.

Using HealthLandscape with Census Data
Learn how to use data from the American Community Survey and other US Census Bureau datasets to create custom maps with HealthLandscape.

Using HealthLandscape with CDC and other Health Data
Learn to download CDC data and create maps with HealthLandscape.

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