HealthLandscape population data tools: Now featuring RWJF 2017 County Health Rankings and more

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently released their 2017 County Health Rankings (CHR), which provide a wealth of health outcome and social determinants of health data for the majority of US counties. These data are now available in HealthLandscape’s Community HealthView data library, where you can create thematic and threshold maps to visualize the geographic distribution of each of these measures.  To access the CHR data in Community HealthView, type “RWJ” into the search box and explore the data by the various categories, which include Demographics, Health Behaviors, Health Outcomes, HealthCare, and the Social & Economic Environment.
Be sure to also explore our other interactive population health mapping tools, which include the following:
The HealthLandscape Project 500 Cities Mapping Tool –allows users to layer health outcome, behavior, and prevention measures at the census tract level for the largest 500 cities across the US. The data come from the 500 Cities Project, which is a collaboration between the CDC, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the CDC Foundation to create small area estimates for health outcomes, risk factors, and preventive care. For more information about the Project 500 Cities data, see
The Population Health Mapper – allows users to layer health outcomes and social determinants for the majority US counties based on the CDC’s Community Health Assessment for Population Health Improvement guide, which lists the most frequently recommended health outcome and determinant measures. To access the CDC’s guide, see
The Social Determinants of Health Mapper – allows you to layer education, language, poverty, and income census measures at the census tract level for US counties and metropolitan areas.

To learn more about these tools visit  HealthLandscape provides regular webinars to train users on our tools.  The list of upcoming webinars including registration links can be found here:

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