HealthLandscape Attends AAFP Family Medicine Experience (FMX)

This week, the American Academy of Family Physicians, our parent organization, is holding their annual meeting, the FamilyMedicine Experience or FMX, in Orlando, Fla at the Orange County Convention Center.  Last year was the first year of this new type of meeting offering a more interactive and customizable experience, because “as health care becomes about more than patient care, this meeting is expanding to serve you with new topics and techniques.”

HealthLandscape is an innovation of the AAFP which also focuses on that portion of health care that is more than patient care.  HealthLandscape is both a team of people and an online mapping and data platform.  The team is made up of sociologists, informaticians and geographers with wide-ranging interests in that “more than patient care space.”  We perform research and lead projects related to access to care and supportive services; health workforce distribution; population health; hot, cold and bright spotting, and others.  The HealthLandscape team also develops, administers, and markets geospatial analysis software tools and professional services.  
HealthLandscape, the platform, is an interactive, web-based mapping platform that allows health professionals, policy makers, academic researchers, and planners to:
  • Combine, analyze, and display information in ways that make it easy to understand health and the forces that affect it;
  • Improve health outcomes through informed decision-making; and
  • Reduce costs and improve the quality of health and health care.

The HealthLandscape platform brings together various sources of health, socio-economic, and environmental information in a convenient, central location to help answer questions about and improve health and health care.  HealthLandscape can be used to create visual advocacy tools and maps from publicly available, private, and organization-owned datasets to discover community characteristics that can be shared with health professionals, policy makers, and legislators.
We hope to see you at FMX this year to tell, and show, you more about HealthLandscape.  We will be in the Expo Hall at Booth 549 Wednesday, September 21 from 4:30-6:30 PM, Thursday, September 22 from 10 AM – 4 PM and Friday, September 23 from 10 AM – 3 PM.

Not attending FMX this year?  Learn more about our mapping tools at one of our webinars or visit our revamped website at

Jennifer Rankin
Sr. Manager for Research and Product Services

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