Community Vital Signs Data Library

Datasets tailored to your needs, including population health, social determinants, and other indicators.

Who our CVS Data Library can help

  • Health plans
  • Health systems
  • EHR developers
  • Health departments
  • Health centers and other providers

How our CVS Data Library can help

  • Assess need in the communities you serve
  • Easily integrate social determinants of health into your EHR
  • Examine geographic or temporal trends in population health
  • Quickly import pre-formatted data into your dashboards or visualizations
  • Use alone or in combination with other HealthLandscape tools

Sample CVS Data Library datasets

The CVS Data Library includes the following - and hundreds more indicators.
  • Social deprivation index2015-2021
  • Diabetes prevalence2017-2020
  • Food environment2015, 2019
  • Race and ethnicity2006-2021
  • Insurance status2013-2021

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