Community Data Portal

Promoting collective action through shared outcomes

Complex community problems require collective action with shared vision, goals, and well-defined, actionable
outcomes. Communities that share metrics are able to work toward a common agenda and make data-driven

How our Community Data Portal can help you

  • Replace costly paper reports with dynamic, interactive web displays
  • Combine public social, behavioral, economic, and health databases with your own community data
  • Upload unlimited numbers of indicators for quick access and visualization
  • Overlay multiple indicators to see relationships between indicators
  • Track changes over time, benchmark your community
  • Use in support of Community Health Needs Assessments
  • Use alone or in combination with other HealthLandscape tools

See it in Action

See how our clients are using the Community Data Portal
  • Appalachia Data Portal

    Explore community health for the Appalachia Region.
  • HealthLandscape Virginia

    Explore social determinants and health outcomes in Virginia.
  • Cincinnati Data Portal

    The Cincinnati Data Portal includes a variety of community health indicators with a focus on the opioid epidemic, immigrant populations, and social determinants of health.
  • HealthLandscape Australia

    HealthLandscape Australia Atlases are a collection of interactive web-based mapping tools designed to combine, analyse and display information in ways that promote better understanding of health outcomes and the forces that affect it.
  • Our Kids Network Data Portal

    The Our Kids Network (OKN) Data Portal allows users to create maps, charts, and graphs related to data on the Halton 7, which are evidence-based conditions of well-being needed for children, youth, and families to thrive.

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