4 Tips to Becoming a HealthLandscape Expert User

1. Attend our webinars and in-person trainings
Attending a webinar or in-person training is one of the best ways to learn how to properly and effectively use the HealthLandscape tools. All of our trainings offer question and answer segments that allow you to ask any questions you might have about the HeathLandscape tools. Here are schedules of our upcoming webinars for HealthLandscape and the UDS Mapper.
If these dates and times do not fit your schedule, contact us and we would be delighted to schedule a personalized training.
2. Discover our tutorials, user guides and other resources
HealthLandscape works hard to provide a variety of training materials to help you navigate the HealthLandscape tools, including user guides and step-by-step ‘How-To’ tutorials. These are provided as resources for you to teach yourself how to use the tools at your own pace.  Training materials for HealthLandscape tools can be accessed when entering a specific tool, on the tool’s welcome screen.* UDS Mapper training materials and resources can be found in the “Tutorials and Resources” tab on the UDS Mapper website.
*User guides are being updated to represent the most current data and features available. Not all HealthLandscape tools have user guides.
3. Contact us
We are here to help! Reach out to us anytime and we will happily answer your questions. We are passionate about Healthlandscape and want to do everything we can to provide the best possible user experience. We currently have three methods available for contact. The first, and newest addition to HealthLandscape, is our live chat feature. Chat with us during business hours by simply selecting the ‘Can we help you?’ button on the top right corner of the website. This feature is available on the home screen and in the mapping tools, so start a chat with us from the beginning of your experience or when you’re in the midst of creating a magnificent map. Another method of contact is to visit the HealthLandscape Support page. Here, you can find contacts based on your specific needs including data mining support, subscription options, and custom application development. Our last method of contact is UDS Mapper specific. Use the ‘Contact Us’ form for any questions you might have pertaining to the UDS Mapper or to set up a webinar training.
4. Become part of the HealthLandscape community
Follow us on Twitter, Facebookand LinkedIn to see weekly blog updates and HealthLandscape news and whereabouts. HealthLandscape is dedicated to providing resources to make your HealthLandscape user experience a great one. Join our community to keep track of upcoming webinars, conferences that we will be attending, newly added data, and feature updates to our tools.

Visit HealthLandscape today at: www.HealthLandscape.org
Claire Meehan
User Engagement Specialist

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