2016 UDS Mapper Updates

On August 26th, we rolled out the newest version of the UDS Mapper with updated and new data, and new UDS Mapper Mobile functionality. The UDS Mapper is the premier tool built on the HealthLandscape platform and is designed to visualize areas of potential need for new federally funded health centers. Check out these new features and updates:

Improved User Support:
  • User Support
    • We now have a chat tool in order to help you as you are using the tool; all of the user support tutorials will be updated during September

Updated Data:
  • UDS data
    • Updated to 2015 reporting year data
  • Population Indicators
    • Demographic layers updated
  • Basemaps and Optional Layers
    • County Subdivisions
    • Primary, Dental and Mental Health Care HPSAs
  • Uninsurance by Income Level.
    • Due to changes in data availability the layers for uninsured below 100% FPL and uninsured between 100%-400% FPL could not be updated and have been removed; the other three layers have been updated

Dental Care HPSAs

New Data and Features
  • New Mobile UDS Mapper Functionality
    • Generate a list of all Health Care Facilities within your selected Area
  • New Demographic Data
    • New Age and Social Environment breakdowns in the Main Maps tool
  • New 2 year % Change in Layers for Insurance Categories
  • New Health Care Facilities
  • Locations where there are other than Primary Care National Health Service Corps (NHSC) providers
  • Coming Soon– Veterans Administration health care sites

% Population Aged 18-64

Upcoming Webinars:
Introduction to the UDS Mapper:
(appropriate for all users of the UDS Mapper)
Monday, September 19, 2:00PM – 3:00PM (Eastern Time)   Register

What’s New in the UDS Mapper:
Wednesday, September 28, 11:00AM – 12:00PM (Eastern Time)   Register

Claire Meehan
User Engagement Specialist

For more information or to just begin using the UDS Mapper, please visit www.udsmapper.org and plan on attending one of our free webinars!

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